Trip to the National Gallery of Art

We kicked off the year with a trip to the National Gallery of Art.  As many of the first years are new to the D.C. area, this was their first time visiting the museum.  Since the National Gallery is a internationally renowned museum with an amazing collection, a visit here was definitely a good way to start the year.

We met in the Rotunda at 2:00, and started our visit by walking through the Renaissance Art collection.  We took a moment to pose with Genevra de’Benci, the only Leonardo Da Vinci in the United States-

Then we visited the Baroque and American collections, where we were particullary impressed by the work of El Greco.  After heading over to the East Building, we checked out the Munch exhibit currently on display.  It is an exciting exhibit to see, especially if your speciality is Modern European.  The exhibit consists of 60 of Munch’s prints.  Many of the works are from the same series.  For example, they have four different versions of Munch’s The Vampire from 1895, a work we looked at in Dr. Broude’s Cubism to Surrealism class.  In each version Munch produced the print with different techniques.  This was truly a fascinating glimpse into his working process.  One version of The Vampire can be seen below:

Other highlights included prints of The Scream and a series of Munch’s Madonnas. No photographs were allowed in the exhibit, but here we are standing by the entrance:

After walking around the NGA for three hours we were ready to rest.  We ended the day at the Austin Grill, where we had a chance to get to know each better and enjoy some good food.

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