Great Studio Art Installation

Today a group of Art History students ventured up to the second floor, where the AU MFA students have their studios. We were excited to find an amazing installation, done by Adam Hager.  Adam, with the help of some friends, wove crepe paper into large sheets. He then hung these sheets up like walls and a ceiling, forming a small room. On either end of the small room he hung mirrors, which greatly magnify the space. The results are stunning. The piece is difficult to capture in photographs, but we tried our best.

Unfortunately the installation can only stay up for a day due to fire safety violations. However, another MFA student told us that the piece will be re-assembled in a pop up space in Arlington. A pop up space is a temporary exhibition area, often in unused retail space. This form of exhibiting is conducive to installation art because artists are able to have more freedom than in traditional gallery space. If you happen to be on campus today, check out this great installation in studio 266. If not, it’s definitely worth seeing when it goes to Arlington!


The outside of the work



Emily in the space



The very colorful interior


Adam Hager also has a small crepe weaving piece hanging up in the Rotunda-


Adam Hager, Untitled, 2010, crepe paper


Great work Adam!

2 thoughts on “Great Studio Art Installation

  1. Hi, thanks for your interest! We have recently gotten more information about where this amazing piece is currently exhibited. You can check it out at 2301 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA. It will be on display until November 27th, and you can see it on Saturdays and Sundays. For more information click here-

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