College of Arts and Sciences: 25th Annual Robyn Rafferty Mathias Student Research Conference


The annual American University College of Arts and Sciences student research conference will take place next Saturday, March 28, at the Katzen Arts Center. Among the students presenting original scholarship are several Art History graduate and undergraduate students.


SESSION 1: Informing the Future

(9:00- 11:30 AM)

Sarah de Blasio, Senior, History and Art History: “Curating America’s Cultural Foreign Policy in WWII”

SESSION 2: A Body of Work

(10:45 AM-12:15 PM)

Anne Schroeder, Senior Art History: “An Analysis of the Figura Serpentinata Pose in the Works of Michelangelo Buonarroti”

Genevieve Stegner-Freitag, Senior Art History: “Nobody’s Perfect: A Macrobian Analysis of Titian’s The Bacchanal of the Andrains

Jennifer Wu, MA Candidate, Art History: “Sex and Spirituality in Lucas Cranach’s Nymph of the Spring

Elizabeth Mullen, MA Candidate, Art History: “Titian and Saint Sebastian’s Resurrected Body”

Session 3: Curling Up with a Good Book

(1:45-3:15 PM)

Catherine Vassaux, MA Candidate, Art History: “Powerful Flesh: Lucretius and the Body of Venus in Bronzino’s An Allegory of Venus and Cupid

Session 3: Docent

(1:45-3:15 PM)

Erica Bogese, MA Candidate, Art History: “Jacques-LouisDavid’s Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier and His Wife: Self-Definition at the Dawn of the French Revolution”

Rebecca Blader, MA Candidate, Art History: “László Moholy-Nagy’s Photograms: Rejecting Tradition for Scientific Creativity”

The full 2015 conference program can be found here. 

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