Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Juliet Bellow organizes “If caa.reviews were performance.reviews”

Over the past year, Dr. Juliet Bellow has spearheaded a new initiative at caa.reviews, the College Art Association’s online reviews journal.  About the project, Dr. Bellow said the following:

“If caa.reviews were performance.reviews” is the first installment of a new initiative at caa.reviews to cover dance, performance, and other time-based media staged in museums and galleries.  The initiative grew out of my participation in a 2015 panel at CAA called “Dance in the Art Museum.”  It occurred to me that caa.reviews ought to seize the opportunity to engage with the increasing number and prominence of live events in the museum setting–and that, in covering such events, the journal could become a venue for art historians to carry on a cross-disciplinary dialogue with scholars of dance, performance, film, and music.  To that end, I commissioned three dance historians to write about Boris Charmatz’s marathon two-day intervention at the Tate Modern last year.  I’m excited not only about the content of those reviews, but also the format.  Wanting to capitalize on the fact that caa.reviews is the only one of CAA’s journals to be published entirely online, we used the digital platform Scalar to create a multimedia piece that includes images, video, and an interactive map.  My hope is that, in the future, all of caa.reviews‘ content can take better advantage of such digital resources!

Check out Dr. Bellow’s introduction to the project by following the link: http://scalar.usc.edu/works/caa/introduction

Congratulations, Dr. Bellow!



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