Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Juliet Bellow to give two presentations in London in the upcoming week.

Dr. Juliet Bellow will be giving two presentations in London this upcoming week. On Monday, January 23rd, Dr. Bellow will give a paper for a study day at the Courtauld Gallery titled “Hand Dance: Drawing as Choreography in Rodin’s Cambodian Dancers.” This paper follows the approaching closing of the Courtauld Gallery’s recent exhibition “Rodin and Dance: The Essence of Movement.” Dr. Juliet Bellow’s previous catalogue essay for the Courtauld Gallery exhibition was called “groundbreaking” by Apollo Magazine, citing her suggestion that Rodin’s admiration for dance dovetailed ‘with the most radical dimensions of Rodin’s sculptural practice.’

On Tuesday January  24th, Dr. Bellow will give a talk at the Center for the Study of Dance at the University of Roehampton.  In this paper, titled “Beware of plaster: Auguste Rodin’s drawings of the Cambodian Royal Ballet,” Dr. Bellow considers why Rodin chose to privilege the pencil over the chisel to convey his perceptions of the Cambodian Royal Ballet, and how that choice affected Rodin’s carefully constructed public image.

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