AU Art History Student Noelani Kirschner Wins Best Graduate Student Presentation in the Humanities at the 27th Annual Mathias Student Research Conference

Congratulations to Elisabeth Noelani Kirschner, first year MA Candidate in Art History, for winning Best Graduate Student Presentation in the Humanities at the 27th Annual Robyn Rafferty Mathias Student Research Conference!

Noelani’s paper, “Self-Fashioning on the Eve of Revolution,” places Adelaide Labille-Guiard’s 1787 portrait of Madame Adelaide, daughter of Louis XV, in the context of royal power struggles on the eve of the 1789 revolution.  She considers the portrait as a form of public self-fashioning, in which the patron drew clear boundaries between the regimes of Louis XV and XVI, as the public grew disillusioned with Louis XVI’s reign. Exhibited at the Salon of 1787, the portrait helped to distance Madame Adelaide from the notorious Queen Marie Antoinette whose portrait hung in the same Salon. Whereas previous scholars have interrogated the motives of the painter, Noelani focuses on the role of the patron and the way she shaped this image. Examining the iconography and formal details of the painting, she concludes that through this historiated narrative, which is not strictly a portrait but also a history painting, Madame Adelaide can be seen as presenting herself as a solution for the future direction of France at a time of burgeoning political unrest.


Adelaide Labille-Guiard, Portrait of Madame Adelaide, 1787.

Congratulations to the other MA Art History candidates who presented at the conference: 

Amanda Chadbourne on her paper “Ambiguities In Lorenzo Lotto’s Portrait Of A Woman Inspired By Lucretia”

Elizabeth Cowgill on her paper “Lilly Martin Spencer: Class, Servitude, And The Cult Of True Womanhood”

Sarah Hines on her paper “Dressing For Liberty: Picturing Ideals Of Independence In John Singleton Copley’s Portraits Of Women”

Samantha Michelle Rhodes on her paper “Creation And Science: Landscapes By Frederic Edwin Church”

Katherine Stephenson on her paper “The Imagination And The Privilege Of Vision At San Giovanni Evangelista In Correggio’s Vision Of Saint John On Patmos (1520-1524)”

Congratulations to the undergraduate Art History seniors and Juniors who presented at the conference:

Isabella Gaitan, Junior, on her paper “Porcelana Del Mediodia: Una “Naturaleza Viva”

Jenne Jachles, Senior, on her paper “Bramante’s Tempietto: An Alternate Interpretation”

Emily Peikin, Senior, on her paper “A Royalist Abroad: Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun In Saint Petersburg”

Lucie Miranda Schwartz, Senior, on her paper “Themes Of Dynastic Lineage In Joseph Boniface Franque’s Portrait Of Empress Marie-Louise And Her Son The King Of Rome”


Well done AU Art History students!!!

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