Student Spotlight: Amanda Chadbourne Received the Patricia and Romeo Segnan Art History Graduate Travel Award

Amanda Chadbourne, a second year Master’s student in the Art History program, received the Patricia and Romeo Segnan Art History Graduate Travel Award to fund a research trip to Italy. Below, Chadbourne shares her experience:

“This summer, I travelled to the cities of Bergamo and Milan in Italy to research paintings central to my thesis, which analyzes portraits of women by the Venetian painter Lorenzo Lotto.  First-person experience of his portraits as well as examples by his contemporaries allowed me to test my hypothesis that Lotto took a distinctive approach to portraying women, rejecting or adapting existing standards of female portraiture. The main objective for my trip was to study two portraits in particular: the Portrait of Lucina Brembati at the Accademia Carrara in Bergamo and the Portrait of Laura da Pola at the Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan. I also saw several of Lotto’s other works in both the Accademia and the Pinacoteca. These included Lotto’s portrait of Laura da Pola’s husband Febo da Brescia which, according to the museum wall label, has hung next to the portrait of his wife for over 500 years. Additionally, I was able to see Lotto’s intricate intarsia, or wood inlay panels, designed for the choir stalls of the Santa Maria Maggiore in Bergamo.  My research funding allowed me to become more familiar with Lotto’s general body of work and to study details of his portraits that I would not have been able to see in reproduction.  I also an awesome ride in a funicular up a mountain and ate lots of delicious and amazing food!”

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